Oil Technologists' Association of India


  • 1.1 The Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons and recognized organizations interested in promoting the objects of the Association and who, in the opinion of the council of the Association, have the necessary qualifications hereinafter prescribed .

    1.2 Every member of the Association will be expected :

    1.2.1 To acquaint himself with the objectives, rules and bye-laws of the Association and to exert himself to foster and uphold them worthily.

    1.2.2 To conduct himself at all times in such a way as to enhance the dignity and ethical and professional standard of the Association by his actions, behavior, language, etc. Accordingly applicants to membership will vouch for the same, by declaration in the membership application form.(Code of conduct appended as Appendix-1 at the end )

    1.2.3 To work for the public welfare and for the advancement of science and technology for the good of humanity.

    1.3 There shall be seven categories of membership:

    1.3.1 Patrons
    1.3.2 Honorary Fellows
    1.3.3 Life Members
    1.3.4 Corporate Members
    1.3.5 Fellow Members
    1.3.6 Affiliate Members
    1.3.7 Student Members

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