Oil Technologists' Association of India

Functioning of the Association

  • 6.1 The activities of the Association shall be co-ordinated by the President (and Hony. Gen. Secy.) and carried out by its five authorised Zones and its Local branches, in various parts of the country.

    6.2 The Zones shall cover the following existing States and shall be located in the following cities:

    Zone States Headquarters States served
    Central Kanpur Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh,
    Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh (excluding
    Meerut Division)
    Northern Delhi Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal
    Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Meerut Divn.
    of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
    Eastern Calcutta Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa
    (Utkal), Sikkim and N.E. States
    Western Mumbai  Gujarat & Maharashtra, Goa
    Southern Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamilnadu,
    Karnataka & Pondicherry

    (In future new states etc. will be accommodated suitably.)
    6.2.1 Foreign members can be affiliated to any Zone.
    6.2.2 Members shall have an option to become a Member through anyone of the five Zones falling under the jurisdiction of his place of work or place of residence.
    6.3 Local Branches of the Association may be formed in centers other than the Zonal Headquarters with a minimum membership of 50. Such Local Branches will be affiliated to the appropriate zone(s), which will themselves be affiliated to the Headquarters.
    6.4 The President and Hony. Gen. Secy. of the Association shall function as coordinating body for the activities of the Association, including those of its zones and of the various Central and other committees of the CEC, as well as with Indian and foreign associations.
    6.5 Collection and distribution of the fees
    6.5.1 The admission fees and annual subscription shall be collected against receipt by the respective Zones.

    6.5.2 The Zones shall forward the entire admission fee of all the membership categories and 25% of the annual subscription fee of Corporate, Fellow, Affiliate and Student Membership and 25% of life and Patron member’s contribution to the Head Quarter (HQ) and retain 75% of the annual subscriptions and 75% share of Life and Patronship contribution.
    6.5.3 The Zonal office will allot to any Local Branch in the Zones 50% of the annual subscription of that Local Branch Membership.
    6.5.4 “The Zones will contribute @’ Rs.75/- per member to the Publication Committee towards publication of journal” or as decided by the All India General Body Meeting by June 30th of the current financialy

    6.5.5 In case of non receipt of this contribution, Publication Committee has a right to discontinue Issue of JLST to the defaulting Zone Members.
    6.5.6  25% of the savings resulted from the Annual Conventions, including any activity clubbed with it, organised by respective zones OR Rs. 50,000/-whichever is higher shall be transferred to the Head Quarter. 50% of the money received by the HQ shall be transferred to the publication
    Committee Accounts.
    6.6 Application of Funds
    6.6.1 Any other funds raised by the Headquarters/Zones/Local Branches shall remain with the respective bodies for their activities, which shall be utilised as per the decisions taken by the respective ZEC in accordance with the objectives of the Association outlined in the Memorandum of OTAI.
    6.6.2 Funds raised by any Central Standing Committees will remain with the respective standing committee irrespective of its location standing committee accounts at the HQ. These funds shall be utilised by the respective standing committees with the prior sanction of the CEC or by getting their annual budget sanctioned by CEC General Body Meeting.

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