Oil Technologists' Association of India

Central Standing Committees

  • 13.1.1 Various Committees with specified functions will be appointed by each new CEC, with information to the General Body.
    13.1.2 All the Central Standing Committees shall be under the chairmanship of President OTAI. However, for better co-ordination and efficient functioning, he may nominate Vice-Presidents for conducting the business of these committees in his absence.
    13.1.3 The Vice-Presidents of these committees can hold office for not more than two consecutive terms.
    13.1.4 The Secretaries of these Committees are appointed by Vice Presidents. They can not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

    The Treasurer of the Association shall be Treasurer for these Standing Committees. (considering their bank accounts are at the HQ).
    13.1.5 Each Central standing committee shall submit an Audited statement of Accounts and a report of their activity to the Headquarters by August 30 of each year.
    13.1.6 Each Central Standing Committee shall submit report of its activity to CEC every year before August 30.
    13.1.7 All the Standing Committees shall function at the location decided by the CEC.

    13.2.1 Publication Committee (PC)

    a) The Publication Committee (PC) shall ensure timely and regular publication of the
    Journal of Oil Technologists’ Association of India (JLST) and of any other regular or occasional publication of the OTAI.
    b) Publication Committee shall organise to send all OTAI members a copy of
    c) Publication Committee shall collect Rs. 75 per member, or as decided by the CEC,
    from all the Zones towards JLST.
    d) Publication Committee shall also receive two full-page advertisements or equivalent money, from each Zones to meet the cost of JLST.
    e) Publication Committee shall submit its budget/expenditure statement for CEC’s approval.
    f) Publication Committee shall submit quarterly report on its activities to CEC for its information / ratification or approval as the case may be.

    13.2.2 International Co-ordination Council (ICC)

    a) The International Co-ordination Council or ICC shall be concerned with the
    International Activities of the Association.
    b) It shall make recommendations to the CEC for sponsorship by or participation of OTAI in any international Symposia, Seminars, Workshops, etc. or any other international technical or promotional activity.
    c) ICC shall organise International Seminar(s) in India if, so desired by CEC, with the help of respective ZECs.
    d) Funds generated by ICC through such activities shall remain with ICC’s A/c at HQ,  irrespective of its location. Such funds, if resolved by CEC, shall be extended to a zone(s) / HQ for carrying out their activities on the direction of CEC, as interest free loan or as decided by CEC.
    e) ICC shall submit its annual budget/expenditure statement for CEC’s approval.

    f) ICC shall submit quarterly report on its activities to CEC for its information/ratification or approval as the case may be.

    13.2.3 Research Investigation & Implementation Committee (RIIC)

    a) The Research Investigation and Implementation Committee or RIIC shall be
    concerned with the research activities of the OTAI and shall also follow up the
    recommendations arising from any Symposia, Seminar, Workshop, etc., organised under the aegis of the Association.
    b) The RIIC will invite suggestions for research and development from OTAI members, industries falling within the purview of the Association (as listed in the Memorandum), Government Bodies etc.
    c) The RIIC will keep in mind the general interest of any concerned industry and the country as a whole rather than pursuing activities liable to benefit a few particular parties.
    d) RIIC shall submit its budget/expenditure statement for CEC’s approval.

    13.2.4 Building Committee (BC) (Applicable as and when OTAI Building is extended):

    a) BC shall co-ordinate all the activities pertaining to the Headquarter Building.
    b) It shall try to raise funds by proper means for the construction of HQ Building.
    c) It shall regularly submit report on the status of the construction of the OTAI building
    till the same is completed.
    d) It shall regularly submit the report on the activities undertaken in OTAI building after its construction is completed.
    e) It shall also submit its annual budget / expenditure statement for the approval CEC and AGM.

    13.2.5 Coordination Committee

    To coordinate with government, and other agencies, for carrying out the projects of technical nature to improve/upgrade the quality of the product.
    13.2.6 Web Administrator
    To maintain and manage the online presence in term of addition, updation and deletion of the content, images, announcement, advertisements etc. Also monitor the bugless functionality of website.

    13.3 The Central Standing Committees shall each have the following structure

    Chairman President OTAI
    Vice-President 1 Nominated by each new CEC at its first meeting
    every 2 years
    Secretary 1 Nominated by Vice-President
    The Hony Treasurer of the
    Association will be Ex-Officio
    Treasurer of CSCs
    Hony. General Secretary
    1 Ex-officio
    Hony. General Treasurer 1 -do
    Presidents of each Zone or 5-do
    Co-opted  3 To be co-opted at the first meeting of each new
    Standing Committee Meeting once every two years.

    13.4 In addition to the above members, the Publication Committee will include the following:

    Editor 1 Nominated by each new CEC at its first meeting every two years
    Junior Editor  5 -do- (one from each zone)

    13.5 An audited statement of accounts and report of the Committees will be submitted to the Headquarters by June 30th of each year.
    13.6 Each standing committee shall meet at least thrice a year and all the decisions of the Vice-Presidents need ratification from the respective committee.
    13.7 Minutes of the each meeting of the Central Standing Committees shall necessarily be sent to all the members of the respective committees and to HQ.

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