Oil Technologists' Association of India

Zonal Executive Committee (ZEC)

  • 8.1 Composition: The ZEC will consist of the following:

    Office Bearer Number
    President 1
    Vice-President (Elect) 2
    Vice-President (Nominated) 2
    Honorary Secretary 1
    Honorary Joint Secretary 1
    Honorary Treasurer. 1
    Members 10
    Immediate Past-President 1
    Immediate Past-Hony. Secretary  1
    Immediate Past-Hony. Treasurer 1
    CEC Nominees 2
    Co-opted Members 2
    Total 25


    8.1.1 New elected ZEC will nominate Vice-President (nominated).
    8.2 All positions in the ZEC except Co-opted Members shall be elected by postal ballot.

    8.2.1 Same person shall not hold same office for more than two consecutive full terms.
    8.3 Election Procedure for ZEC:

    8.3.1 The procedure for the election of ZEC remains the same as described in clause
    7.6 Except the subclauses 7.6.6 to 7.6.9 and 7.6.12.
    8.3.2 Clause 7.6.6 shall read as “Zonal election board shall then send the list of all the eligible candidates to all the eligible voters through Zonal Secretary for expression of choice by secret postal ballot, on or before 15th of December”.
    8.3.3 Clause 7.6.7 shall read as “ballot papers shall be received back by Zonal Secretary on or before 31st January”.
    8.3.4 Clause 7.6.8 shall read as” all the received ballot papers shall be opened by both the members of the election board in the presence of Zonal President, Secretary, Treasurer and all the candidates in case they desire to be present. Counting shall be done immediately in their presence and results shall be prepared and signed by them and those who were present during that time”.
    8.3.5 Clause 7.6.9 shall read as Zonal Secretary shall then communicate the results in writing to ZEC and after its approval, to all the Zonal OTAI Members on or before 10th April. After the ratification of their election by Zonal (annual or extraordinary) General body, the elected Members shall take charge in the Annual General Meeting of the Zone; to be held on or before July 31st.
    8.3.6 ZEC members who do not attend minimum 50% of ZEC meetings shall not be eligible to contest for next election.
    8.4 Tenure: The ZEC will function for a 2 year term.
    8.5 The ZEC will follow the functions set out for corresponding office-bearers of the CEC.
    8.6 The President of the Zone shall preside over all meetings of the Zonal Executive Committees. In his absence, Vice-President will preside over the particular meeting and if neither of the two is present, the Zonal Executive Committee shall elect its own Chairman for the meetings.
    8.7 Five (5) (excluding invitees) persons shall form the quorum for the Zonal Executive Committee Meetings.
    8.8 An audited statement of accounts and a report of activities will be submitted by each ZEC to Headquarters by April 30, each year.

    8.9 All vacancies of ZEC should be filled as mentioned in 7.6.

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