Oil Technologists' Association of India

Contributions Admission Fees and Annual Subscriptions

  • 4.1 The contribution/admission fee and annual subscription for various categories of membership will be as follows, reckoned from April 1 of every year.

    Category of membership India (a) Overseas (b)
    Admission Fee (Rs.)  Annual Subscription (Rs.) Admission Fee (US $)  Annual Subscription    (US $)
    Patron One Time  contribution of INR  Rs. 2,00,000.00 or US$ 5,000.00 for overseas*
    Life member One Time  Contribution of  INR Rs.  8,000.00 or US$ 200.00  for overseas members.

     contribution of

    INR Rs. 85,000.00  or US $  2,000.00  for 10 years or

    INR Rs. 45,000.00  or US $  1100.00  for 5 years or

    INR Rs. 10,000.00  per annum.

    Fellow 1000 1000 50 50
    Affiliate 1000 1000 50 50
    Student 200 NIL 20  NIL


    4.1.1 Includes countries with similar postage rates as within India.4.1.2 Includes the postage charges by surface mail. For Airmail US$ 20 shall be charged extra.
    4.2 Payment of subscription
    4.2.1 All subscriptions are payable in advance before the commencement of the financial year.
    4.2.2 Those members who have not paid the current year’s subscription by September 30 and who are not on the rolls by September 30 of the year preceeding the election year shall not be eligible to stand for office in the ZEC/CEC or to vote in that year.

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