Oil Technologists' Association of India

Powers & Functions of the Office – Bearers of the Association

  • This clause defines the powers and functions of O.B’s at the Headquarters. These will also be observed as the guidelines for Zonal office-bearers.
    12.1 President
    12.1.1 He shall be the executive and administrative head of the Association and the other office – bearers shall work under his instructions and guidance, subject to the existing regulations.

    12.1.2 He shall preside over all the meetings of the association in which he shall have a casting vote. In his absence, the Vice President (HQ) for CEC meetings or any other Zonal President or in their absence, any other member elected to preside over the
    meeting, shall have the same power as President.
    12.1.3 The President shall control the finances of the Association and shall sanction expenditure on the basis of the budget approved by the Association at the AGM, and on the basis of account-systems and procedures to be adopted by concerned office bearers viz. HGS/HGT, Auditors and office bearers of zones and CSC’s.
    (i) Based on relevant clauses mentioned under 12.3 and 12.5 in Constitution, the systems, procedures, records, formats for A/c. be drafted and standardised in consultation with Auditors, and be practised uniformly by HGS & HGT.
    (ii) Such documents and records be updated and reconciled every Quarter, duly audited by the Auditor, for presentation to the CEC at their Quarterly meetings.
    (iii) Since Accounts of CSC’s are centralised at HQ, similar systems, procedures
    records and formats be practised by VP’s of CSC’s and HGS & HGT.
    (iv) Since the A/c of the Zones form a part of consolidated statement of Annual A/c, similar systems, procedures, records and formats be practised by Zonal Secretaries & Treasurer duly controlled by Zonal Presidents. (Refer also (i))
    (v) The summary of similar accounts of CSC’s and Zones will also be presented
    at Quarterly CEC’s Meetings.
    (vi) Since Zonal Accounts include accounts relating to Income and Expenditure of Seminars, similar systems, procedures, records and formats be evolved separately for Seminar-accounts, and for Annual Convention, to be practised by the Zones.
    (Note: Annual Convention A/c. of the Zone be audited separately).
    (vii) Sanction of Expenditure at HQ on the basis of CEC-approved-budget will form part of above systems and procedures, with the addition that all expenditures of Rs.10,000/- and above in anyone head/Sub-head (other than publication and postage of OTAI Journal) will be referred bye-mail to the President for sanction against approved budget, before such expenditure is incurred.
    (Note: All expenditures above Rs 1,000/- shall be paid by A/c. payee-cheque only. All receipts shall be acknowledged with proper receipts, with counter-foil for records, such receipt of funds duly deposited in Bank Account. All vouchers for payments be counter-signed by VP at Centre, Zones and CSC’s as the case may be.)
    (viii) Appointment of Auditors will be made as per defined guideline, approved by CEC.

    (ix) The President shall be empowered to have the ‘Records’ persued and the
    Accounts counter-audited by his nominated auditors during March and
    September, well before he is called upon to sign the Annual A/c.
    With Reference to Point (viii) above the following guidelines is appended :-
    (i) At each annual general meeting shall be appointed one or more properly
    qualified auditor or auditors to hold Office until the next AGM.
    (ii) Every such auditor or auditors shall be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and shall hold a Certificate of Practice granted by that Institute.
    (iii) The Council may fill any casual vacancy in the Office of Auditor to hold Office until the next AGM, but while any such vacancy continues, the surviving or continuing Auditor or Auditors (if any) may act.
    (iv) The remuneration of the Auditors shall be fixed at the AGM at which they are appointed except that the remuneration of any Auditor appointed to fill any casual vacancy may be fixed by the Council.”
    12.1.4 He shall be constitutional head of all the Central Standing Committees and shall guide and control all the activities of these Committees.

    12.2 Vice President

    12.2.1 The Vice-President (HQ) shall perform the duties and exercise the privileges of the President during his absence or when specially required by the President to do so.
    12.2.2 Vice-Presidents in charge of the Central Standing Committees shall perform the functions specified for the respective Central Committee. They shall be guided by the President, OTAI as per requirement.

    12.3 Hony. General Secretary

    12.3.1 He shall participate and oversee the following functions of ES ES shall arrange for convening meetings of the Association. ES shall attend meetings of the Association and the Council, take Minutes of the proceedings and conduct relevant correspondence / communication. ES shall be responsible (in co-ordination with the HGS & the President of CZ) for the upkeep of OTAI-Building, and the Library, collecting data and information for the OTAI-website, updating register of members with their professional profiles,
    compiling referred data and directories, survey of Oil related industries, etc. ES shall be responsible for executing the operational functions at the Central Secretariat (CS), and shall assist (and cause the Secretariat to render such assistance to) the President and Hony. General Secretary, as may be requested by them.
    12.3.2 HGS shall attend meetings of the Association and the Council, confirm Minutes of the Proceedings and guide ES in conducting relevant correspondence.
    12.3.3 HGS shall maintain proper records of all property of the Association and shall be responsible for their safe custody.
    12.3.4 HGS shall prepare and submit in the Annual General Meeting of the Association an Annual Report describing the activities of the Association during the year.
    12.3.5 A budget estimate of Income and Expenditure shall be prepared each year by the Hony. General Secy. and Hony. General Treasurer and submitted by the Hony. General Secy. for approval at the Annual General Meeting of the
    Association before the commencement of the year which the budget relates.
    12.3.6 The Hony. General Secy. and Hony. General Treasurer shall jointly
    administer the finance of the association (Refer also 12.1.3 and 12.5.6)
    12.3.7 He may, in concurrence with the President delegate any of his duties to Hony. Jt. Gen. Secretary.

    12.4 Hony. Joint General Secretary

    12.4.1 He shall assist the Hony. General Secretary in the work of the Association, delegated from time to time.
    12.4.2 Hony. Joint General secretary (HQ) shall officiate in the absence of Hony. Gen. Secy.

    12.5 Hony. General Treasurer

    12.5.1 He shall receive the Headquarters’ share of subscription and admission fees of members from the Zones of the Association and shall issue receipts.
    12.5.2 He shall receive donations or other payments made to the eadquarters and issue receipts.
    12.5.3 He shall maintain, in a proper form, in accordance with the Auditors, the accounts of the Association, and prepare statements of annual accounts and balance sheet for submission to the council.

    12.5.4 He shall open and maintain authorised bank accounts in the name of theAssociation.
    12.5.5 All money received by the Hony. General Treasurer on behalf of the Association shall be immediately deposited in relevant bank accounts of the Association and no direct expenditure out of this shall, as a rule, be allowed.
    12.5.6 The bank accounts shall be operated under the joint signatures of the President or (concerned Vice Presidents of Central Standing Committees) or Hony. General Secretary and the Hony. General Treasurer.
    12.5.7 He shall ensure that no overdraft or loan shall be taken or liability incurred on behalf of the Association.
    12.5.8 He shall advice the council for the safe Investment of Association’s funds in only Nationalised banks.

    12.6 Editor

    12.6.1 The Editor, acting in collaboration with the Publication Committee and the Editorial Board, shall be responsible for editing the Journal whereas the Hony General Secy shall be responsible for publication of the Journal.
    12.6.2 He shall be assisted in his duties by the Joint Editor.
    12.6.3 He shall follow the guidelines set by Publication Committee.
    12.6.4 He shall form a panel of referees and ensure that every research paper published in the journal has been reviewed by referees.
    12.6.5 In absence of Editor, Jt. Editor shall assume the charge of Editor.

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