Oil Technologists' Association of India

Message From President

Dear Friends,

I thank all the members of OTAI, especially the members of the CEC, for reposing their trust in me and putting on my shoulders the responsibility of the President of our esteemed organization. I am determined to put in my best efforts to meet the expectations of all OTAI stakeholders.

Leading the association is great responsibility, which I am aware as I have been witness of presidency of all my able predecessors, Dr J.G.Kane, Dr T.R.Shesadri, Dr N.Godbole,Prof M,M,Chakrabarty, Dr K.T.Achaya, Prof. A K Vasishtha, Sri N B Godrej, Sri S. C.Singhal who have made great contributions towards actualizing the “vision” and “mission” perceived by our founder Late Shri Rao Saheb Athawale in 1943-44. However the challenges and issues which were before the leadership then are different from those that OTAI faces today. The rapid speed of change which we all are witnessing in every sphere of life is also affecting all of us at OTAI and it cannot be overlooked.

We need to understand, analyze and prioritize the modern day challenges and issues, which are being faced by the society, the country, the academicians and the industry. New plans need to be evolved after looking afresh at the important areas of concern, be they environmental, energy, consumer’s health, food safety, quality, import, taxes or technology, etc.

I invite all the esteemed members and stake holders of OTAI to share the challenges and issues that they feel are important for our organization to address in the 21st century. Based on this feedback and through mutual discussions, I will endeavor to collectively evolve new plans, new strategies and channelize efforts to address these challenges and goals. I am sure that all OTAI members will offer their support in this endeavor and enable me to take this initiative forward. I wish and would like that our association should take up some work in skilling and education in the field of our domain and concerns.

I shall keenly await your response!

I also take this opportunity to send season’s greetings and wish you and your families a very prosperous and Happy 2018.

Prof. Rakesh K Trivedi
President OTAI

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