Oil Technologists' Association of India

Qualifications & Admission


    Election and admission to the various categories of membership of the Association shall be as follows:
    2.1 Patrons
    Individuals interested in the advancement of the objectives of the Association, who contribute a lump sum of Rs. 2,00,000/- or US$ 5,000 for overseas or more to the funds of the Association, shall be considered by the Central Executive Council (CEC) for declaration as Patrons of the Association.

    2. 2 Honorary Fellow

    2. 2.1 Individuals with outstanding academic and professional achievements in science and technology and especially in the areas of the activity of the Association as described in its Memorandum, or who have rendered special services to the development of those areas or who have been Fellow Members of 25 years standing and have retired from active practice of their profession, shall be eligible for election as Honorary Fellows.

    2. 2.2 Nominations for Honorary Fellows shall be made in writing to the ZEC by not less than 25 Fellow Life members. ZEC will scrutinise the application and if ZEC feels that the NOMINEE deserves to be elected as Honorary Fellow Member, they will forward the nomination with recommendation to the CEC for final approval. Honorary Fellows on the roll of the Association at any time shall not exceed 3 percent of the total zonal membership excluding student membership.

    2. 3 Fellow Member

    Candidates for Fellow Membership shall be graduates in technology or engineering or postgraduates in science, with at least THREE years professional experience in the field or Doctorates in any of the above field. The CEC shall demand a high standard of qualifications and experience from candidates for Fellow Membership.

    2.4 Life Member

    Individuals interested in the areas of activity of the Association by practice or
    profession, who fulfil the qualifications laid down for Fellow Members (Clause 3) and whose admission the Zonal Executive Committee (ZEC) considers would promote the interests of the Association, are eligible to apply on the prescribed form for Life Membership, supported by two fellow Members of the Association. See also para 2.6.2.

    2.5 Corporate Member

    Firms, Companies, Associations and Institutions interested in or connected with the area of activity of the Association and whose admission the ZEC considers would promote the interests of the Association, shall be eligible to apply on the prescribed form for admission as Corporate Members. The representative of the organisation cannot become an office-bearer of the

    2.6 Affiliate Member

    2.6.1 Candidates seeking admission as Affiliate Members should be graduates in any discipline and working in the field of oils and allied industries. However CEC at its discretion can enroll any person with any qualification as Affiliate Member but those persons should be currently engaged in areas of activity relevant to the Association or are in the trade of oils and other allied products for last five years.
    2.6.2 Affiliate members having graduation degree shall be eligible to apply for election as
    Fellow Members provided they have completed five years as Affiliate Member.

    2.7 Student Member

    2.7.1 Candidates seeking admission as Student Member shall be at least students of a B.Sc Tech. or equivalent course or M.Sc in chemical sciences or should be receiving
    technical education or practical training in same branch of the areas of activity of the Association in a duly recognised Institution or industry in India.
    Applications should be made on the prescribed form for such membership duly recommended by the Head of the Institution or Department or Factory where training is being received. Such membership will be for a limited term and proof of the date of completion of such course of training will be required, institutional address will be used for communication, sending journals, etc.

    2.7.2 Students working for their Post Graduate degrees and are in receipt of fellowship or any other financial aid are not eligible to apply for the election as Student Member. However, they can apply for Affiliate Membership.

    2.8 Approval of Membership

    2.8.1 Applications or nominations for admission to any class of membership in the prescribed format, accompanied by the prescribed fees, shall be scrutinised by the Zonal
    Secretary for the eligibility and if meets the desired requirements for the class of membership applied for, then application shall be put in the respective Zonal Executive Committee (ZEC) for approval.
    2.8.2 ZEC after its approval shall transmit the application to the CEC for final approval and placement on the membership roster.
    2.8.3 Decision by the ZEC/CEC will be final. However, if any application is rejected, reasons for rejection of membership shall be given to the Zones within 3 months from the date of application. Zones should then write about the anomalies to the applicant.
    2.8.4 If any application is rejected, the fees will be refunded.

    2.8.5 All the Members will be issued an Identification Card. The new members will be advised by the respective zones to download the Bye-laws from the OTAI-website

    2.8.6 General body approval shall not be required for the acceptance of membership.

    2.9 Transfer of Membership Category

    A member desiring to be transferred from one class of membership to another shall make a formal application to this effect to the respective ZEC along with the difference both in the admission and the membership fees if any, for approval. The ZEC will follow same procedure for the transfer of membership as detailed in clause 2.8. Member will get new membership number as per the category of the membership he/she is transferred to.

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