Oil Technologists' Association of India

Local Branches of the Zones

  • 9.1 The activities of the local branches shall be administered by a Local Co-ordination Committee (LCC) who will hold office for a period of two years. The LCC of the Local Branch shall consist of at least a Chairman, Co-ordinator and three members who will be chosen by the members of the Local Branch by any democratic procedure.
    9.2 The Chairman of the Branch shall preside over the meetings of the LCC and the Coordinator shall function is the ‘Secretary cum-Treasurer’.
    9.3 Three (3) persons shall form the quorum of the LCC.
    9.4 The Branch shall submit to the Zonal Headquarters by April 30 of every year an annual report of the activities of the Branch and a statement of accounts of the year upto March 31 for the purpose of consolidation of the Zonal accounts.
    9.5 The Local Branches of the Zones may collect their own local membership
    subscription and forward it to the Zonal Headquarters for further action according to these rules.

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