Oil Technologists' Association of India

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  • “Declaration of Code of Conduct” in OTAI – Membership – Application – Form (Ref. 1.2.2)

    Chemistry and its application by scientists, engineers and technologists have for their prime objective the advancement of science and benefit of mankind. Accordingly, the Society
    expects each member :
    (1) to be familiar with the purpose and objectives of the Society as expressed in its Articles of Incorporation; to promote its aim actively; and to strive for self-improvement in said member’s profession;
    (2) to present conduct that at all times reflects dignity upon the profession of chemistry and engineering;
    (3) to use every honourable means to elevate the standards of the profession and extend its sphere or usefulness;
    (4) to keep inviolate any confidence that may be entrusted to said member in such member’s professional capacity;
    (5) to refuse participation in questionable enterprises and to refuse to engage in any occupation that is contrary to law or the public welfare;
    (6) to guard against unwarranted insinuations that reflect upon the character or integrity of other chemists and engineers.
    I hereby subscribe to the above Code of Ethics.
    Signature of Applicant …………………………….


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