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Central Standing Committees

Various Committees with specified functions are appointed by CEC, with information to the General Body

  • Publication Committee (PC)

    Ensure timely and regular publication of the “Journal of Lipid Science & Technology” (formerly Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India) and of any other regular or occasional publication of the OTAI

    Shri D. Mathur-Vice-President, Publication Committee


  • International Coordination Council (ICC)

    ICC is concerned with the International activities of the Association and makes recommendations to the CEC for sponsorship by or participation of OTAI in any international Symposia, Seminars, Workshops, etc. or any other international technical or promotional activity.

    ICC organizes International Seminar (s) in India if so desired by CEC, with the help of respective ZEC's.
    Shri Ashwani.K. Sharma-Vice-President, International Co-ordination Council


  • Research Investigation & Implementation Committee (RIIC)

    RIIC is concerned with the research activities of OTAI and also follows up with the recommendations arising from any Symposia, Seminar, Workshop, etc., organized under the aegis of the Association.

    The RIIC invites suggestions for research and development from OTAI members, and the industries falling within the purview of the Association.
    Dr. S.N. Naik-Vice-President, Research Investigation & Implementation Committee


  • Building Committee (BC)

    BC co-ordinates all the activities pertaining to the Headquarter Building.

    It also submits its annual budget / expenditure statement for the approval CEC and AGM.
    Shri Ashok Garg- Vice-President, Building Committee


  • Credential Committee

    The Credentials Committee makes recommendations to the CEC on all questions of membership (admission, categorization, termination, re-admission, etc) or any other matter that may be referred to it by the CEC.

    Dr. R.P. Singh- Editor, Journal of Lipid Science & Technology (JLST)

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